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Lizzy Morris

Hey, I'm Lizzy

My style is really relaxed and friendly! I’m a chilled kind of person, who loves the outdoors. I’m here for the free spirted people, who feel at home with nature and need nothing more than good company and good snacks.

In person, I can be super chatty and, dare I say it, extroverted. But as soon as a camera is pointed at me, I’m shy and nervous! So trust me when I say, I get it, not everybody likes their photo taken! 

But my heart and soul is so intertwined into my business, which mean I need to show my face! Because, I am my business and knowing me, creates trust in my business. The same applies to your business!  

So, here I am sharing myself with you. We’ll chat, we’ll laugh and you’ll soon forget the camera is there. That’s my superpower!

Meet Me

A Why personal Branding Photography is important?

Photos are more than just images, they tell a story. Before anybody reads a word of your site, their eyes scan the photographs in just a few seconds. 

What story do you want to tell?

 Are you relaxed, fun and quirky? Do you love being outdoors in nature? Do you work in the city? Do you love to laugh? Everything in your photographs matter from what you are wearing, to what gear or products you have and where you are. 

Photos can bring your business to life! They can grab your ideal clients attention much faster then a few words.

All of this, I can help you with, starting with a relaxed planning session.

Lizzy Morris Photography Branding

You are your business!

Branding Gallery

"My branding shoot with Lizzy was a pure joy from start to finish. Despite being a photographer I struggle being in front of the camera, but I felt totally at ease and love my photos - they reflect my personality and brand perfectly. Being in the great outdoors really helped as I felt so much more natural and less pressured than in a studio environment. I highly recommend Lizzy!"

Becky Takes Photos

Where do we start?

Photographing the real & fabulous you means, getting to know you and your brand!

Let's book in a Café Date

And put together some ideas. I can learn all about your business and we can narrow down what makes you stand out! 

Are you lowkey quirky like me? Are you a total nutter? Are you shy and maybe aren’t sure what makes you stand out? It’s ok you are in safe hands.

If you own a business, I know there’s a creative soul in there ready to run with some amazing ideas.

Together we'll form an Action Plan

I want you to be as relaxed as possible, not only am I getting to know you but it’s your chance to get to know me. 

Let’s turn our plans into hanging out with a new friend and getting some fabulous photos in the process.

Fun, Creative & Relaxed

 Branding Photography ~ The Essentials

Ideal, if you need website photos, brochure photos and social media photos. 

~ A Face to Face Planning Session ~ We’ll talk about location, colours, props/products and get to know each other.

~ Digital Online Gallery ~ Full of Images for you to used all over your advertising platforms.

~ A Photography Session ~ Up to 2 hours in an environment that reflects your brand and personality.

Normally £400
Get in touch for my introductory offer.

Let’s Do This